Here at Eastfield, we believe pupil voice is vitally important to our academy improvement. Our very own E.A.S.T (Eastfield Academy Support Team) play a very important role in the day to day running of the school. They can easily be recognised as they wear blue jumpers.

Our E.A.S.T are role models in our school and ambassadors for pupil voice. They are called upon to represent all of our children and lead initiatives across our academy. They support the staff and our Governors by undertaking learning walks in our Academy and in other schools. Our ambassadors meet regularly to discuss issues around the academy and develop strategies to drive improvement.

Our team worked alongside Middlethorpe Primary Academy and Buckingham Primary Academy on March 20th 2015 in Eastfield. They looked at what we did differently in our classrooms and questioned us about this. Please see the EAST board in our school for more information.

Similarly, our team meet with directors of the Enquire Learning Trust and present to them their worth and contribution to the improvement of the academy.