MySpace provides targeted support through a child-centred approach, with distinct aims to:

  • remove barriers
  • help children get the most from their education
  • reduce exclusion

We assess and identify pupil’s individual needs relating to behaviour and emotional wellbeing. This ensures that any early intervention and support is appropriate. We cater for children with a wide range of behavioural, emotional and social development needs and offer support for parents/carers, including help with developing a positive home/school relationship, as well as direct work with parents/carers and development for school staff. MySpace offer a tailored curriculum designed for each pupil to ensure maximum inclusion at school.


Children learn strategies that work for them, so that they can self-regulate their behaviour.

Children have their individual needs met, helping them to develop their strength, emotional resilience and independence.

Children become better engaged with their learning and can access more of the curriculum.

Staff in mainstream schools have increased understanding, confidence and knowledge, and are better equipped to work with challenging behaviour.

Reduces the risk of exclusion.

MySpace Supports the positive relationships and partnerships working between schools, families and children resulting in a consistent approach to behaviour at home and school.

Our Staff

Rob Moody

Laura Dalling

Kellie Payne

Nathan Watson

Sarah Markham

Lucy Wrightson