The Enquire Learning Trust

  • Works collaboratively with its other academies and the local schools
  • Shares its talent and best ideas with others through school to school activities
  • Has access to expertise in HR, Finance, ICT, Payroll and Special Educational Needs.
  • Has 2 teaching schools within the trust
  • Has a commitment to the local communities its Academies serve

Values and ambitions

We believe that all learners can be powerful learners given access to good learning experiences. We want children and the academies they attend to be confident, successful and ambitious.

We envisage a Trust where well led, highly skilled and committed professionals collaborate, learn and innovate together to ensure that all academies are successful and where all learners have access to effective and innovative provision that meets their needs and aspirations.

We want to add value to achievement and raise standards. We also want to change lives. We know this requires our provision and our practice to be world class – because of the distance we have to travel, we understand that good will not be good enough and that we need to develop a shared appreciation of excellence and then strive to enact this every day.

We need to show that we take learning seriously and work together to create a vibrant culture in which this can happen. We know that it’s what we do that counts and that our thinking must be visible in classrooms if it is to have leverage. Children are at the forefront of all that we do and aspire to do.

We need to take serious steps to engage them, to hear their voice in authentic ways and then to use their insight and expertise to develop radical pedagogies that taps into their passions and interests and use the potential of emergent technologies


  • To establish a viable, sustainable and vibrant organisation that is well placed to offer excellent challenge and support to academies
  • To open 30 academies including at least 3 via the sponsored route
  • To ensure successful transition of academies into the ELT
  • To establish a distinctive and effective model for improvement of ELT academies and secure improved learning and outcomes for all children attending our academies

What we offer:

Support for learning

The key test for any activity generated within the Enquire Learning Trust should be; how does this impact upon learning in classrooms? All of the systems, processes and activities we generate should be focused upon making a difference to the quality of teaching and thereby outcomes for children. We need to create the conditions for all children to become successful learners. Learning in Enquire Learning Trust academies should:

  • Be inclusive – provision should meet the needs of learners of all abilities, with aspirational targets set for every child
  • Focused upon achievement – ensuring that opportunities acre created for all children to reach their academic potential
  • Meaningful and relevant – focused upon meeting children where they are and taking them to where they need to be
  • Build confidence and self-esteem – so that all children believe they can be successful learners
  • Develop habits for learning – habits which children will be able to draw upon throughout their education and beyond
  • Be INSPIRATIONAL – creative and imaginative teaching which inspires a love of learning in every child

This is what we should see, hear and feel in every Enquire Learning Trust academy.

Academy improvement

The most crucial role of all Academy leaders is to secure the best possible outcomes for children. The Trust will provide monitoring, support and challenge to academy leaders and members of the Local Governing Body. To facilitate this each academy within the Enquire Learning Trust will have an entitlement to a range of services including:

  • Access to a designated academy improvement professional
  • Access to a designated Local Leader of Education or National Leader of Education
  • Access to the resources and connections provided by our Teaching School Alliance based at Hawthorns Academy and Limetree Academy

Each academic year every academy will host two focused enquiries into practice that will enable an academy to reflect on its strengths and areas for development. Drawing upon the expertise of school leaders across the trust, the enquiry process creates a robust body of evidence that can be used by leaders and governors to give impetus to improvement and also be used by other leaders within the Trust as a platform for their own development initiatives.

Additionally, Local Governing Bodies and school leaders can commission from the Trust internal inspections that will be carried in out accordance with the Ofsted Framework for Inspection and led by trained and experienced Ofsted Inspectors.

Financial support

Getting the finances right – and securing the best deal for learners – is crucial for academy leaders and Local Governing Bodies. It’s also an aspect of work that can be time consuming and complex, particularly in the early days after conversion when planning, banking and reporting processes are new and unfamiliar.

The Director of Finance has the responsibly of assuring the financial health and probity of the Trust as a whole and working with academies to manage their budgets well. Support is offered in working with the DfE to ensure that each academy gets the right level of funding, help with financial planning, assistance with budget monitoring and reporting and the preparation of year end accounts. As well as on site support, the Trust will provide regular updates and professional development opportunities for academy leaders and business managers.

Each academy within the Enquire Learning Trust has its own subsidiary bank account with Lloyds and can benefit from free and helpful support from our designated account manager.

World Class Learning Opportunities for All…

We believe that all children can be powerful learners given access to great teaching and great learning experiences. We want children and the academies they attend to be confident, successful and ambitious.

IT Support

Upon conversion individual academies will have their own arrangements and systems for the support of IT and for the management of finance and school data. Where an IT support provider offers an excellent service at a competitive price those relationships will be sustained and it may be that other local Enquire Learning Trust academies could benefit from that relationship and those arrangements.

It is the aspiration of the Trust that over time and in consultation with member academies that IT systems for the management of finance and data will become standardised across the Trust. Time frames for newly converted academies to become part of that system will be negotiated with each individual academy.

Special Educational Needs

The challenge of SEN is to both create outstanding provision whilst ensuring systems and processes serve the needs of our most vulnerable children and their families. Hawthorns is both an outstanding Special School and a National Teaching School. There is a special expertise which lies within Hawthorns which other Enquire Learning Trust academies can learn from. In doing so we must also acknowledge the SEN expertise which exists within each Enquire Learning Trust academy. To build provision and practice upon the best of what already exists whilst working together to find innovative solutions to meeting the challenges of working with children who have an identified special educational need.

Commitment to Communities
Every day and in every way possible we need to remind ourselves that schools and academies are created to serve their local communities. The communities we serve deserve the very best learning opportunities we can create for their children and young people.

Why are we different?

Autonomy and collaboration

We know that in great schools and academies decisions are taken as close as possible to where learning takes place. Headteachers and governing bodies know their schools better than any outsiders possibly could and they need to have the autonomy to make those decisions. The role of the Trust is to provide guidance and support to headteachers and governing bodies, providing a different perspective when they are discussing key decisions and their impact upon children’s learning. Enquire Learning Trust academies which have been judged by Ofsted to be good or better have earned this autonomy. Our aspiration for any school which joins the trust requiring improvement is that through the support and guidance the Trust and its member schools gives improvement will happen and that autonomy will be earned.

All schools and academies should be striving to improve tomorrow upon what they have achieved today. At the heart of the drive for continuous improvements in Enquire Learning Trust academies are the partnerships which form between those academies. By creating opportunities for academy to academy learning the best of what we already know can be shared and taken to another level. And through those opportunities new learning and insight will be gained.

The relationships between academies within the Trust are key to their continuing development but it is also vital that academies within the Trust continue to sustain and foster existing relationships with neighbouring schools, academies, their local authorities and other organisations. These are opportunities for new learning to be drawn into our academies, learning and insight which can then be shared across the whole Trust.


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