We believe in 3 drivers that underpin everything that we do.

They are:

Pride means that we are always proud of our families, our Academy, our work and ourselves and we strive to be the best we can be in everything we do. We try our best with problem solving, presentation, and working as a team. We try to help everyone become the best that they can.

Collaboration means that we work together and learn with and from each other. This is in every classroom, every group and as an Academy. Staff and pupils have the opportunity to work with other Academies in our Trust to share best practice. ‘What we can do in a team today, we can do on our own tomorrow!”

Understanding means that we try to understand how other communities feel and compare this to our own. We show respect for other opinions, faiths and cultures. We think about how we might feel to be in someone else’s shoes. We expect that sometimes we might not be right or someone else’s idea could be chosen.