Key Stage One and Key Stage Two


Here at Eastfield, our Year 1, 3, 4 and 5 classes all now follow the National Curriculum 2014 and assess using the criteria set in it. We also use Assertive Mentoring in the classroom! Year 2 and Year 6 still follow the older National Curriculum and will be assessed at the End of Key Stage SATs.

Assertive Mentoring targets what a child can do, and what they need to do to move to make progress. It reflects the new National Curriculum 2014 and allows teachers and children to set achievable targets in reading, writing and mathematics each half term.  The system facilitates sharing these targets with parents so that you can help your child to achieve even more quickly.  Children know exactly what they need to learn in order to make progress.  From September 2014, there will be no reference made to levels (except years 2 & 6) but instead Stages.

Assertive Mentoring is based on our colour coding system

Pink means your child has fully achieved the expectation and, in most cases, exceeding the expectation.

Green means that the child has comfortably achieved the expectation.

Blue means that the child needs further support with meeting their targets in attainment, attitude and/or behaviour.

The advantages of the system:

  • Quick and easy to use and understand.
  • All staff in school use the same approach.
  • Children judge their own learning and behaviour: they are startlingly accurate.
  • Children are empowered to take ownership and control of the way they behave and their attitude to learning.
  • Children who have a good attitude to learning and school life are praised.
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