Our Creative Themes for Learning

Eastfield Primary Academy Whole School Curriculum Overview

  Autumn Spring Summer
2011-2012 Buried Treasure Jurassic Forest Water World
2012-2013 Dungeons and Dragons Mega Structures Tomb Raiders
2013-2014 Once Upon A Time Banquets Lights, Camera, Action
2014-2015 Out of this world Extreme Environments Right to fight
2015 – 2016 Great and Ghastly Events The Land of the Free Bookworms
2016 – 1017 The Land of Hope and Glory  Eco Schools  Every Picture Tells a Story

Here at Eastfield, we have a whole school curriculum where Year 1 to Year 6 studies the same theme for learning. This enables us to develop children’s collaboration skills as each child is part of a collaborative group where each team member contributes to each others learning. All groups are of mixed ability in order to enhance the provision and develop individual skills and flairs. Also, we believe family time is important. As we all study the same theme, it gives children the opportunity to collaborate with their peers and parents are invited to come and work with their children on specialised events.

Our curriculum is designed around our children’s interests and provide unique learning opportunities so each child participates in a first class curriculum. Each unit of learning is ‘kicked off’ with a ‘hook’ moment where we submerse in to the learning by either going on a trip or inviting visitors to our school. This gets our children thirsty to find out more and pose well thought questions which then shapes our learning for the rest of the theme.

Family Homework

We believe the traditional homework of worksheets or exercises with very little worth. We have developed a family centred homework to encourage mums, dads, aunts, uncles, grandma, granddad or even the next door neighbour to get involved in learning too! We usually have a list of 10 items at the beginning of each theme and our children decide to do which ones they want to complete with the ambition of one per week. On a Wednesday morning, our children parade their efforts in our homework assembly!

Click on each Creative Theme for Learning to see our curriculum coverage. If you would like any more information on our curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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