Teaching and Learning

As we are part of the Enquire Learning Trust, we develop our teaching and learning through current educational research and delve deep in to our practice through enquiry processes. We continually pose questions in to our practice and search for ways to enhance learning and maximise the potential of the resources we have in school. We are also proud to be in partnership with Bull Technology where we are in the process of purchasing state of the art technology to make Eastfield a beacon academy within the Authority and the country.

Our teaching and learning process takes the ethos from the SEN Code of Practice 2014 where we assess, plan, do and review. This cycle is repeated to ensure the mastery of basic skills and provide a secure and firm foundations of learning and learning behaviours. At the beginning of a new element of learning, we assess our children and identify the areas of need. We then plan to fill the gaps in understanding and build on strengths that are already present and therefore we deliver a bespoke and personalised education programme for each child.

Pride, Collaboration and Understanding underpin everything we do here at Eastfield and is engrained in our teaching and learning process. One of our mantras is ‘What you can do in a team today, you can do on your own tomorrow’ and we believe in empowering children in taking ownership of their own learning by working collaboratively, developing appropriate learning behaviours and building confidence and self esteem in a nurturing culture for individuals to succeed.

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